Information for incoming students and teachers

Nicoletta, Linda, Giusi and Simona are students from Italy, who studied in Mateo Inurria School of Art&Design last winter 2022.


Incoming students

If you intend to spend one or two semesters at Mateo Inurria School of Art&Design, check if there is an exchange agreement between your university and Mateo Inurria School of Art&Design by contacting your home university. If you find such an agreement does not exist, approach your institutional coordinator to take the necessary steps. If you find that the agreement exists, your institution must officially nominate you and inform us of the fact that you want to arrive.

Then, please browse our course catalogue to decide which courses you are interested in.

Once you have been nominated by your institution and you have chosen your courses, submit the following forms:

  • Application form (download)
  • Portfolio with artworks (5 – 10 examples in pdf. – maximum size 5 MB)
  • Letter of motivation written in English language.
  • Passport photo. 

All forms should be sent via email till:

  • June 1st, 2023 for first semester 2023/2024
  • December 1st, 2023 for second semester 2023/2024


Incoming teachers

Teachers who are interested in coming to Mateo Inurria School of Art, for job shadowing or other collaborations, should contact us in

Please, note that we have an Erasmus project in High Education (HEC-131), so it will be more interesting for us if your institution offers studies at a similar academic level.


Other useful information

Academic year and vacations

The academic year begins around September 15th, and it usually ends around June 22th.

Christmas vacations are from December 22th to January 6th approximately.

Semana Santa (Easter Holidays) is a vacation week in March or April, depending on the year.