Our Institution



Escuela de Arte Mateo Inurria has a history extending back more than 150 years, to the foundation of the school “Escuela Provincial de Bellas Artes” in 1866, which led to the educational institution that we have nowadays. The school is settled in a XIX century nobiliary palace in the heart of the historic city center of Córdoba. Our school offers a relatively large variety of art studies; from baccalaureate in arts, formative studies in several disciplines of art & design to a graduate program in Graphic Design. “Escuela de Arte Mateo Inurria” provides its students with a solid background in different art & design disciplines as well as it provides the students with the necessary skills for employability.

The variety of studies offered by our school is detailed below:

Bachillerato de artes plásticas, diseño e imagen (Baccalaureate in arts & design and Image)

This is an undergraduate program for those who specifically want a solid background inthe field of art & design as well as the other subjects of a regular baccalaureate thatmeans that practical subjects like drawing and sculpture are together with regularsubjects as history or language. Students who have completed this study could eithergo to the university, having the possibility of enrolling in a wide variety of degrees (notonly the ones related with art & design), or enrolling in a professional formative courseinart&design.

CFGS Arquitectura Efímera (Professional formative study in Ephemeral Architecture)

This study provides students with the necessary skills for developing projects in the vast domain of ephemeral 3D design which includes exhibition design, retail design, design of stands, television and movie sets, sceneries for live events, etc..

CFGS Proyecto y Dirección de Obras de Decoración (Professional formative study in Interior Design)

Those who have completed this study are capable of designing and managing any project concerning interior architecture, from public to private spaces. This formative study provides students with a solid knowledge of materials, finishes and the basic regulations concerning interior architecture.

CFGS Diseño de Mobiliario (Professional formative study in furniture design)

This course trains students in a very successful professional domain in the province of Córdoba which is the furniture industry. They learn to design and create pieces of furniture from the scratch, using modern media and techniques as well as traditional materials.

CFGS Fotografía (Professional formative study in Photography)

This study is for the ones who want to become a professional photographer. Student have the opportunity of working with the new digital media as well as knowing the foundations of analogic photography. Our students can develop their skills in different areas such as design, advertising, fashion, press, scientific photo, social reportage as well as artistic photography.

CFGS Gráfica Publicitaria (Professional formative study in Graphic Design)

Our students can become professionals in an area which has many career opportunities. Graphic design is all over, from advertising to editorial design. The world of business knows the importance of image and its impact in the success of a particular product or brand. This study provides with the necessary skills for undertaking any project related to graphic design.

CFGS ANIMACIÓN, 2D y 3D (Professional formative study in ANIMATION, 2D and 3D)

With this cycle, as an independent creator or as a filmmaker, you can become a producer of your own animation projects
and audiovisual graphic projects, carry out work for the film industry, for television, advertising agencies, animation
production companies, publishers, design studios or for multimedia or interactive productions (settings, backgrounds, scripts,
characters) integrated into the culture, communication and entertainment industry.
CFGS Ilustración (Professional formative study in Ilustration)

This course combines both traditional techniques and digital ones to allow students to create illustrations for press, science, education, design as well as some other industries such as comic and videogames.

CFGS Técnicas Escultóricas en Madera (Professional formative study in wooden sculpture)

 Students who complete this course are capable of undertaking artistic projects concerning the creation of wooden sculptures for liturgy or restoring existing wooden sculptures or ornamentations. Our city counts with a rich heritage of baroque carvings so our school takes that tradition but combines it with contemporary techniques and concepts.

CFGS Técnicas Escultóricas en Piel (Professional formative study in leather sculpture)

Leather has been used in Córdoba to create a wide variety of craftworks since Islamic times. Horse saddles, tables, chairs, paintings, folding screens, etc, were made in this material and they were richly decorated using pigments. Our school trains students to create craftworks and personal artistic pieces of art using this traditional technique that is so attached to our city. Those who have completed this course could undertake projects of creation or restoration of leather craftwork as well as running their own craftsmen atelier.

Enseñanzas Artísticas Superiores de Diseño Gráfico (Graduate studies in Graphic Design)

This is a degree program settled in our school that provides students with a solid knowledge in graphic design. Through this 4 years course students have the opportunity of learning how a designer works because they are involved in real life projects concerning different areas such as branding, web, editorial, packaging design. This program includes a placement job which provides students with the required work experience. In the final year students are asked to present a personal project as a Bachelor’s Degree Final Project. This is the culmination of the learning of the studies taken where the skills acquired are reflected, as well as their application and development. This is a research or application paper where students, according to their professional interests and motivations, delve into some aspect of the chosen subject. Professors form our school as well as external professionals monitoring students to successfully complete their Final Projects.

All our studies offer students the possibility of completing their education through courses or work placements in any other country of the European Community with the Erasmus + programme.