This is a post-compulsory (voluntary) stage of education, which generally runs from the age of 16 to 18. The Baccalaureate, in the modality of Arts, consists of two academic courses that will facilitate access to further studies.

There are two modalities; "Performing Arts, Music and Dance" and "Plastic Arts, Design and Image", the last one being the one you can study in our school. The Arts Baccalaureate aims to provide students with specific training in the knowledge and skills that will allow them to develop social functions and to incorporate themselves into active life with responsibility and competence. It enables students to access higher education, preparing them for a variety of subsequent studies and favouring insertion in a certain field of work. It develops artistic sensitivity, as well as aesthetic criteria, as sources of training and cultural enrichment. It strengthens the entrepreneurial spirit with attitudes of creativity, flexibility, initiative, teamwork, self-confidence and critical thinking.