The Mateo Inurria School of Art, located in Córdoba, is a teaching institution focused on the pedagogy of the arts that has its origin in the mid 19th century, when the Provincial School of Fine Arts was created by Royal Order on February 20th,1866. In 2016 the school celebrated its 150th anniversary. Throughout this extended period, there have been many changes that have taken place, not only in the curricula, which has had to evolve in line with social demand and the labour market but also in terms of the physical location of the building that has housed the school. The school is currently in the Palace of the Duke of Hornachuelos, a historical building and cultural reference in the city, which was renovated in 1860 by the architect Pedro Nolasco Meléndez, and adapted as the headquarters of the School of Applied Arts and Artistic Trades in 1965.

Regarding the current study plans available at the centre, today we find ourselves occupying a space that is sequenced from secondary to higher education, and which makes it possible to offer the modalities of the Art Baccalaureate, Certificate of Higher Education and bachelor degree level in Graphic Design.


The Mateo Inurria School of Art has degree courses adapted largely to the demand presented by the existing labour market. Thus, professional sectors such as the wood industry can be supplied by our graduates in the C.F.G.S. of Wooden Sculptural Techniques or C.F.G.S. Furniture Design. The latter focuses on the project design in an array of different types of furniture. The advertising and graphic arts sector is being served through the development of the Higher Degree Formative Cycles of Advertising Graphics, Photography and Illustration, which are proving to be most popular for students at present. In the professional field of construction, we offer agglutinated studies related to Interior Design, such as Projects and Management of Decoration Works or Ephemeral Architecture. The school also offers professional formative studies in Sculptural Techniques in Leather, which has enabled the recovery of the enormous heritage that the manufacturers of Cordoba and Guadamecíes represented for the city. It opens up fantastic new possibilities for experimentation and application to all types of work with this material.

At present, the Andalusian Autonomous Community Art Schools, which is the busiest network of centers throughout Spain, is offering Higher Artistic Teaching of Graphic Design through the Mateo School of Art Inurria de Córdoba. This course has been offered and continues to be offered since the 2012-13 academic year.

As a result of the historic times we are living in, a revived art school is emerging. It is completely integrated into the educational context and structured to train a wide sector of professionals and technicians in the many facets of the arts.