If you are a new student in the Degree of Design, remember that before you can formalize the first registration you must:

  • Have participated in the procedure for access and admission to the centre (in the call for applications in May or in the extraordinary call for applications in September, if this has been done).
  • Have passed the Admission Tests (if you were required to take them).
  • Have obtained a place in the centre in the ordinary or extraordinary call.

Registration period for new students (ordinary call):

  • Place awarded in the first phase: from 1st to 7th September.
  • Place awarded in the second phase: from 16th to 20th September.

From 20th September onwards, an additional call for applications will be opened if there are any vacancies left after the ordinary call for applications. Once the registration process in the additional call has concluded, if there are still vacancies, the Ministry of Education may authorise the registration of students who can prove they have passed the entrance exam, until the end of October of the corresponding academic year.

Registration period for students already registered in the studies (second and subsequent registrations):

  • If you do not have subjects to pass in September: from 1st to 10th July.
  • If you have subjects to pass in September: from 1st to 7th September.

The dates mentioned above are based on those of the previous and current academic year, so they may be modified for the next academic year.

Conditions of Enrolment

o Examinations

    • The registration is done by subjects and gives the right to present to two examinations per academic year for each of the registered subjects.
    • The examinations are calculated successively and will be understood to be exhausted, even if the students do not present themselves for the exam, as long as they have not waived the examination in advance, in the time and manner established in the regulations.

o To be taken into account

  • The first registration in the first year of any specialty is done in all the subjects that make up the course.
  • Each year after the first registration you must register for at least 12 credits. It is important to bear in mind that you have a maximum of six years to study these courses.
  • Remember that you must pass a minimum of 12 credits each year to be able to continue studying the specialty you are studying. Recognized credits will not be counted in this calculation.
  • In the case of students who, at the end of an academic year, have passed all the subjects of the study plan, they will be able to register for the following academic year only for the number of credits corresponding to the Final Project.
  • A place in the centre will be reserved for students who participate in international exchange programmes lasting more than three months and promoted by higher education institutions, provided that this circumstance is communicated sufficiently in advance and that the director of the centre, having informed the department responsible for the corresponding speciality, expressly grants this benefit.